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Hodfords Production is a subsidiary of Hodfords.com Ltd and has two separate but related businesses, Web Production and Music Production. Hodfords Web Production provides Internet and eCommerce Solutions and Hodfords Music Production provides Entertainment Solutions.

We believe that the Internet can bring enormous benefits to businesses, in terms of business, sales, exposure, contact, branding and information, yet many businesses have not capitalised on these benefits. Unfamiliarity to the Internet can be quite intimidating, and creating an Internet presence can be even more intimidating, so our role at Hodfords Production is to make the Internet both accessible and indispensable to businesses.

We have focused on creating systems that empower businesses to manage and grow their businesses online without any knowledge or understanding of Internet technologies. Our solutions are designed to be user-friendly and simple-to-use, such that businesses can focus on operating and growing their business online and not on html and technology.

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