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Unleashing the Power of the Internet to Businesses
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Hodfords Production is an end-to-end web solution provider. Our services/solution include:-

  • Creative Design
  • Content Management
  • Search
  • eCommerce enablement
  • Consultancy
  • We believe that web production involves more than just producing a website. It is critical that website be constantly aggregating and updated with new contents. Our solutions empower businesses to manage and grow their own websites without technical expertise. It is critical that this contents be accessable and easy-to-locate in the Internet space, through search engines or other means. Our systems are constantly reviewed & updated, adapting to the evolving world of search engines to ensure that all contents be indexed, so as the contents of the website increases so will the audience.
    The figure below shows Hodfords Production's involvement in the lifecycle of a website from design, development, and implementation to maintenance and growth
    Our mission is to unleash the power of the Internet to businesses.
    .... Not only was the project completed on time and on budget, but Jason went well beyond our expectation to provide us -

    I'm am more than happy to speak with anyone considering using Jason and Hodfords.com Ltd and am only too happy to recommend him. .............more

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