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Hodfords Content Management is a robust, multi-format and multi-lingual content management system. Hodfords CM empowers users to manage all contents of their website without any knowledge of HTML or programming. Users can add images, video clips, audio files, MP3s, PDFs and other files onto their website anywhere in the world with Internet access using Hodfords CM. Hodfords CM has a built-in image-processing facility which generates smaller and optimised images (e.g. thumbnails) from uploaded images. The user-interface is like that of Microsoft Windows where contents are organised into folders / subfolders and files and all contents are presented on user-defined HTML templates.
Hodfords CM has a staging feature allowing users to preview web pages before they are published onto the web.

Hodfords CM is specially designed and optimised for achieving high listings in search engines (e.g. Google, Altavista, etc.) whereby users can input hand-picked keywords for each webpage of their website.

Hodfords CM is built-on a Linux Platform and uses PHP/MySQL. All webpages are pre-generated into HTML pages from the database, serving 2 functions:-

        (i) Web pages are returned 2-10 times faster than dynamic pages
        (ii) No direct access to the database from the web, making the contents of the database more secure.

.... Not only was the project completed on time and on budget, but Jason went well beyond our expectation to provide us -

I'm am more than happy to speak with anyone considering using Jason and Hodfords.com Ltd and am only too happy to recommend him. .............more

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