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Hodfords Search

Hodfords Search is a powerful multi-lingual search system, delivering unparalleled speed and accuracy in information retrieval. Hodfords search uses an intelligent retrieval algorithm that ranks all search results based on relevance. Hodfords Search deploys very quickly and spiders all pages of the site, designed for medium to large websites of up to around 12,000 pages.
Hodfords Search is flexible:-

  • user-defined words considered to be too common can be omitted from being indexed
  • rule-based weighting system for defining relevance is customisable
  • fully-customisable search results page.

    Hodfords Search is built-on a Linux Platform coupled with PHP / MySQL. The MySQL component is used for temporary storage during indexing and the overall site index is stored in a file-based system.

    Hodfords Search is an excellent synergistic feature to the Hodfords Content Management (Hodfords CM) which allows all the contents added in Hodfords CM to be searched and accessed quickly.
  • .... Not only was the project completed on time and on budget, but Jason went well beyond our expectation to provide us -

    I'm am more than happy to speak with anyone considering using Jason and Hodfords.com Ltd and am only too happy to recommend him. .............more

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